The other day I stared at the calendar in disbelief – I’ve been back in Germany for almost half a year! Something inside of me couldn’t believe it. I was trying to think back of the last six months and most of it seems like a blur. Sure, if you asked me to tell you what I did and I thought about it, I would be able to name events. But in a way, nothing too exciting or unique happened.

I’m living in a new city with a new job. However, as I’ve been moving a lot over the past ten years, this is yet just another move. I put on a record in moving three times over four months (finding permanent affordable housing here is pretty damn hard).

I’m working in the same field as I have over the past year – teaching and translation, and I am spending COVID just as everyone else – mainly from home.

Until now, I do not miss traveling. I am still entirely saturated with my travels. I do not feel the urge to head out and explore my surroundings that much either. I used to explore any new city extensively on my own, visiting any small adjacent towns, hiking areas I could find, any patch of green that Google Maps indicated. However, the only time I head out to do this currently (as far as it is possible) is when I have visitors and occasionally with friends. 

Many people are dying to travel more again and are voicing their excitement about the borders opening. And I feel happy for them. One of my friends recently decided to travel again for a more extended time, and, seeing her excitement, I felt so happy for her. A year ago, I would have made the same plans, yet now I am content with watching other people go out to take on the world.

Instead, I spend a lot of time reading and learning languages. Time has passed so quickly over the past months and part of me enjoyed the quiet time during self-isolation. Here in Germany, most places are open again and the sheer crowds of people are somewhat overwhelming me. Luckily I live in a tiny village outside the city and can mostly avoid the buzz. My view goes out to roses growing around my window, a tractor in the courtyard, and an artist’s atelier. 

Having my own apartment has been the most exciting thing that’s probably happened to me since I moved to Germany! It’s hard to describe the feeling of having your own space after 14 months of traveling and two months of living with your parents – well, it’s more than awesome! Knowing that you won’t wake up to yet another stranger in your room (hostel dorms I don’t miss you) or the schedule of your parents trying to merge with yours, I love having a place that doesn’t depend on others. 

Other than that, it’s been a time ‘reconnecting’ more with my family. The excitement I’ve felt from them, knowing that I’m going to stay here for a little longer, has been heart-warming. On the other hand, different opinions and lifestyles are confronting each other much more than before when an ocean between us had been a rather steady boundary. Yet again, there are lessons to be learned.

As usual, life goes on even now that everything seemed to have come to a halt.

Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3

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  1. Yes in many ways the lack of travel has created a different lifestyle of relaxing simplicity where I read more and have genuine conversations even if virtual with others I care about.

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