The time I was living just 5 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean – Japan, Wakayama Prefecture, Shiramaha cliffs

Everyone has a dream. Mine has been to be an ‘expat’. I remember thinking how ridiculous that sounded when I was just a teenager binge-watching expat stories on TV. And somehow I got there. Not in the way I thought. Even better. Instead of 1 country, I’ve lived in 7, traveled over 40 and picked up quite a few languages along the way (currently on number 7 – Portuguese)

Am I living the dream? That’s what I want to highlight on this blog. The pros and cons of living this lifestyle. The small things, the day-to-day life that doesn’t make its way on Instagram because it’s less glamorous. And I want to share what I’ve learned over the last years, hoping that it will inspire you to go after your dream, whatever that is. To become a better you. It doesn’t only include traveling to other countries. It means traveling out of your comfort zone, the bubble of beliefs and worldview and become open for all that is out there. I hope you enjoy the ride!